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Ingram Micro Receives Sun Service Manager Designation

SANTA ANA, Calif., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE:IM) , the world's leading wholesale distributor of technology products and services, today announced that it has received SunService Manager status, the highest expert service designation available from Sun Microsystems Inc. Designation was awarded to Ingram Micro Inc. based on its score of 88 out of a possible 90 points in the SunService Competency 2000 Certification Findings audit conducted by Sun Microsystems.

Ingram Micro is one of three Sun master resellers in the world. The company services Sun-authorized resellers through its Open Systems Division (OSD), which is dedicated entirely to Sun. A recent audit, which was conducted by Sun, reviewed and scored the division's service capabilities for authorized resellers. The report also included a detailed analysis of Ingram Micro's technical and sales support, call management capabilities, escalation procedures, help desk, reseller materials, and certified engineering program.

"Ingram Micro has been designated a SunService Manager after a detailed audit of its Sun VAR-related service, engineering and support functions," said Eileen Marshall, Ingram Micro's dedicated SunService manager at Sun Microsystems Inc. "Exceptional programs including its help desk and SunService brochure helped Ingram Micro attain an exceptional score. Ingram Micro's Sun team should be proud."

Mary Galvin, Ingram Micro's vice president of VAR Sales and general manager of the OSD, said, "SunService Manager designation is proof positive that Ingram Micro has made significant investments in high-quality people and processes that provide Sun-authorized resellers with the service and support they need to be successful. We are pleased to receive such a remarkable score."

Ingram Micro received particularly high marks for its brochure entitled, "Ingram Micro's SunService Guide for Sun Microsystems Authorized Resellers," a ten-page booklet that provides information on the service options that Ingram Micro's Sun resellers can offer to their end users. Marshall said, "This brochure is indicative of the care that Ingram Micro takes with its resellers, helping them understand and promote the sale of services with Sun products."

Ingram Micro also received a high score for its help desk, which receives more than 7,000 service calls daily and a weekly average of 32,000. In 1997, the company received more than 1.62 million service calls. Its telephone system is designed to automatically route the call to an available service specialist regardless of the call's origination at the Santa Ana, Calif., or Buffalo, N.Y., locations. Marshall said, "Ingram Micro's well-designed help desk system helps maintain average wait times of less than five seconds."

Ingram Micro's Open Systems Division (OSD) offers a comprehensive SunService Manager program for Sun-authorized resellers, which includes the following benefits:

* Dedicated Sun sales associate to answer all pre- and post-sale questions.

* Training and educational resources from OSD-dedicated marketing associates.

* Direct line to purchasing with experienced OSD associates. Technical support from Sun-certified engineers for pre- and post-sale support.

* System support programs that give customers the flexibility to choose their level of support.

* Sun Enterprise 10000 start-up services for smooth data center transition.

* Enterprise Education consulting services for customized customer employee education.

* SunService support including help desk, assisted-selling center, contract tracking and more.

About Ingram Micro Inc.

Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE:IM) , headquartered in Santa Ana, Calif., is the world's leading wholesale distributor of technology products and services, and a leading provider of assembly and integration services, with 1997 sales of more than $16.5 billion. The company and its affiliates operate in 31 countries, distributing more than 145,000 products to more than 100,000 resellers in 120 countries. Ingram Micro can be found at

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